Welcome Rockstar!

While trying to re-configure life, you may not always feel like a rockstar. But what you don’t know (yet) is that you are bright light the world needs to discover.

Check out what clients say

I was with the Dallas DSC team today and they have already received positive feedback from salons that attended! It was a great training and Elizabeth is awesome! I wish I could have her for all of the business clase! 

Elizabeth offered several key talking points for me to share with the DSCs for future targeting of salons to attend.

Rachel Donathan

Territory Development Manager- State/RDA

My 45 minute business consultation with Elizabeth was the best blend of constructive and casual. I received thoughtful and fleshed out responses to the questions I posed regarding my new business ideas. She offered personal insights, resources, and the support I needed to feel confident in pursuing my passion through creating a business. After our conversation I have a better sense of where to start researching and what new questions to pose as I transition from the dream phase to the materialization phase of my entrepreneurship. 

Elyse Hickey

Artist, Yoga Teacher, and Tattoo Artist

Working with Elizabeth is a breathe of fresh air, 100% rare truth be the best way. She always pulls out the gems that you may see however you don’t 100% believe the truth or depths until Miss Thing calls it out.

Hillary Faye

Hillary Faye Designs/ Pureology Artist